Fall … When new gadgets come out …

It’s that time of the year again – when new gadget goodness is released! IFA, the Samsung announcement, and the Motorola announcement were all last week. Apple announces the new iPhone 6 today and sometime later this month it is expected that Google will announce the Nexus phone(s).

I am an Android guy, so I’ll not even be thinking about getting the next iPhone – but I am a tech gadget guy so I will be very interested in what Apple announces. Besides, I am asked (and expected to know) by my friends / co-workers as to what the new iPhone is all about.

wpid-note410394-main-large-motorola-moto-x-2nd-gen-blackPhones on my radar right now: the new Moto X, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and the Google Nexus X.

Currently I am on the Moto X and have been for almost a year. I still love it and look forward to the Android L update later this year. It is for this reason that I am considering the new Moto X. The current Moto X is a great phone, is pretty close to stock Android, and has been getting Android updates very quickly. I expect the same from the new Moto X. If I go with the new Moto X I’ll be sure to go with the 32 GB model as I hit the space limit often on my 16 GB Moto X. And there is still no SD card (disappointed). Everything else sounds top-notch! I have also ordered a Moto 360 watch and plan on ordering the Moto Hint Bluetooth headset. I wonder if these item will have enhanced functionality when used with a Moto X that will not be available if used with a non-Moto phone? Time will tell.

Why am I thinking about jumping the Moto X ship and go with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4? The stylus. I am a huge Microsoft OneNote user. Now that Microsoft has released OneNote on Android with ink input I would love to use the 5.7″ Note 4 as my ever present digital notepad. I’ll be waiting to hear how precise the inking will be when using OneNote on the Note 4. Other pluses on the Note 4 (specs): Qualcomm Snapdragon 805; 3 GB RAM; 32 GB storage AND a microSD (up to 128 GB!); an awesome camera; and a removable battery. I’ll have to buy it at full price as I want to stay grandfathered with unlimited data on VerizonWireless.

Rumor has it that the Nexus X will be based on the Moto X. I know nothing else about it. Probably won’t be on VerizonWireless, so I’ll have to seriously consider jumping the VerizonWireless ship – something I think about every month!


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