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Welcome to Darren and Cristy dot Com ….

This site was created long before Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and the like even existed. It was a place where I could post photos, videos, and other things about my family and other family members and friends. BUT, now we have Facebook et al. This site is quite redundant.

I plan on keeping this site up and running, adding the occasional post every once in a while. I also plan on adding pointers to my families other public posts on the various social networks.

Another twist: when I first secured DandC.com I lived in the Rochester, NY area. Not until after securing DandC.com I realized its similarity to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, www.democratandchronicle.com, which is commonally referred to as the D&C. In fact, in the first few years of “owning” DandC.com I used to receive D&C reader emails. Recently I received an email asking if I’d be interested in selling DandC.com – wow, when I think of the work it would take to change my family’s online presence … too much work!

Darren Swartzendruber
darren at dandc dot com

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