HTC Bravo heading to Verizon Wireless April 2010


HTC Bravo

The “Bravo” looks to be a real blockbuster, with the Qualcomm 8250 1Ghz processor we’ve seen in the Windows Mobile-powered HD2, a 3.7″ WVGA AMOLED screen and HD720p video capture. We’ve only got to glance in our inbox to see emails asking, “When will an Android powered HD2 be available?” – this could indeed be the device you’ve been waiting for. It’ll also have a 16Gb microSD in the box, a 1400mAh battery and that lovely HTC Sense interface. This looks set to arrive in April and should have the very latest build of Android. This one really is setting off alarm bells 🙂

[2010 HTC Roadmap leak – Fill your boots!]

4 thoughts on “HTC Bravo heading to Verizon Wireless April 2010

  1. Does someone hold anyinformation and facts? I am telling my personal assumptions based mostly on prior monitor record(the closest point to facts that anybody has got right now) so, concerning the Nexus1, that dropped very first in the USA so, not really the similar and as far because the HD2 it doesn’t matter how long it took the point is it is still coming to T-Mobile USA, so (IMHO) this cellular phone will go to T-MO U.S.A, Thanks. In addition ,nice blog

  2. Yes I would like the elements at the house srceen with news updates, sure I would like contacts visable at any given time, I desire a teach app, a flight app, a road congestion status app and sure I need a telephone which will reply to my each and every command and not hang/freeze or shutdown like my present Nokia E72 or my previous Blackberry Bold.

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