Kicked Out of Two Homeschool Conferences

Answers in Genesis, recognized as one of the strongest advocates for homeschooling in America, has been kicked out of two homeschool conventions where AiG President Ken Ham had been scheduled to speak. In addition, AiG as an exhibitor has also been expelled. One of the conferences is being held in our “backyard”: at the Cincinnati Convention Center.
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I was there at the Greenville, SC homeschool convention and sat in most of Ken Ham’s sessions. I was, in fact, in the session in which Dr. Ham discussed the issues with Dr. Peter Enns.

I did not think that Dr. Ham was out of line, rude nor “mean-spirited”. This is a case of “the truth hurts”. One of the problems in today’s church is that men of God are not standing up to defend God’s Word. We have very few “wall watchers” left and desperately need more! Since when is presenting, with facts/video, an opposing view wrong!?

Dr. Ham, it was a pleasure to listen to you (again!). Please, please continue to stand up for the Word of God. Heaven is cheering you on!

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