WALSH: To All Pastors Afraid Of Condemning Abortion: Find A New Job. You Aren’t Qualified. | Daily Wire

“Carl Lentz, pastor of a giant pseudo-church in New York called Hillsong, recently went on The View and refused to label it a sin to kill babies.”

“Yes, he obviously appeals to a lot of people. So does internet porn. Yes, he makes people feel good. So does heroin. Yes, he gives his followers a vague sense of spiritual fulfillment. So does Buddhism. Yes, he spreads happiness, sort of. So does Disney.”

“I have said nothing groundbreaking or especially insightful here. This is basic Christianity. It seems there are many pastors in America who struggle with these basics, either because they are ignorant or cowardly or all of the above. They are doing far more harm than good. They should all step down from their positions. But they won’t, of course, because they are more interested in fame and accolades than leading people to Christ.”


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