Roku, Google Assistant now link up for easier search and play

via Android Community October 30, 2018 at 11:49PM

If you use a Roku device to stream your favorite movies and TV shows and you use smart speakers, phones, or smart displays that have Google Assistant support, your life may have become a bit easier as far as controlling these devices go. You can now connect your Roku streaming devices to your Google account and ask your digital assistant to search for media, play said media, and control the rest of your viewing experience all from the convenience of whatever Google Assistant enabled-device you’re using.

All you’ll have to do is update your Roku app to the latest OS version 8.1 and add your Roku account to the list of connected devices to your Google Assistant settings. You will then be able to use Google Assistant from your phone or your smart speaker or even your smart display to be able to launch your favorite movie or look for your favorite TV series on Hulu, launch the media, and control how you’ll play it, all with voice controls.

Some examples of commands that you can make Google Assistant do are launch The Roku Channel on Roku, find comedies on Roku, pause what you’re watching on Roku, etc. Anything that has to with search and with controlling media playback on your

If you have Roku TV, you can also use Google Assistant to do some things for you from the comfort of your couch. You can turn on Roku, adjust the volume on your Roku TV or even mute it, change the channel, switch to HDMI 2 in case you want to change the source, etc.

The only caveat for the connection of your Google and Roku is that it’s only available now in the US. No news yet if this will be available in other territories soon.


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