G Suite accounts now get Assistant support, Google Voice, and much more

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The most prevailing complaint with G Suite accounts (and Google Apps accounts before that) has always been the lack of features. Google Assistant, Google Home, Family Sharing, YouTube TV, Google Fi, and more services are either partially working or non-functional on G Suite. While there’s still a large gap between personal and G Suite accounts, the gap is now a bit smaller.

First, G Suite accounts now work with Google Assistant, specifically its ability to read and manage your calendar. Before now, it was only possible to see upcoming calendar events from Assistant by sharing a work calendar with your personal Gmail account. Expect to see more Google Home Hubs in office buildings soon.

Google Voice has finally arrived to all G Suite users.

Also, Google Voice has


arrived to all G Suite users. It has been in testing

since July of last year

, and is mostly identical to Voice for Gmail accounts. Administrators can port/provision numbers on behalf of users, and advanced functionality like routing and company directory synchronization is available.

Beyond that, G Suite will soon have add-ons that can plug into Gmail, Calendar, and other services. The company said in a blog post, “Employees can now consult a CRM tool for information while drafting a Google Doc, add tasks into a project management tool straight from an email in Gmail, and more.” The first round of add-ons include Copper, Workfront, and Box.

Other new features include customizable metadata in Drive files, third-party connectivity in Cloud Search, automatic live captions in Hangouts Meet, BigQuery database integration with Google Sheets, editing Microsoft Office files with Google Docs, and pincodes for Google Docs files. Finally, the enterprise version of G+ has been renamed to Currents.

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